With a fastest rising industry in full time education, Sandip University has developed a separate School of Fashion Design & Beauty Cosmetology in the campus area of Nashik. Its teaching equipments are used at par with the international institute that has set a new standard that aim of creating a expert beauticians and fashion designing experts. Sandip University is among the few fashion colleges in India that not only attracts the global people of talent, but also arouse the curiosity of the locals. We provide some of the flawless fashion designing course in Nashik, Maharashtra.


To Foster and re-embark the value by providing an industry expertise training in the field of fashion designing & Beauty Cosmetology.
Infuses the motivation to set a desired bar and raise the standards in respect to current trends of an industry.
Our curriculum is in-line with the industry standards that helps the students to create adopt new innovative methods.
Cultivating the strong &creative aspect of fashion designing.
Creating a vast pool of opportunities in the field of fashion designing that lubricates the value in the industry.
Enhancing your communication skills to deal effectively with various parties relating to fashion designing.
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Career Prospects

Gives you an inner-understanding about the scope and challenges faced in the industry.
Makes you enough enthusiastic that help you to build your career in several areas.
Creates a flawless landmark with the right combination of positive attitude & practical experience.
Propels innovation to sustain in the industry by creating a new fashion designing course.
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Programs Offered

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