Sandip University School of Social Sciences situated in Maharashtra is an academic institute for social studies, which is one of the initiative by Sandip University. It offers the best Social Sciences Courses in India. We have envisioned this institute as an ambience to provide the quality education to our students. Apart from its super-nova and wide campus area, the university imbibes and imparts an education based on the social values that provides a comprehensive learning to our students. We at Sandip University, Social Sciences Degree Colleges in Nasik (Maharashtra) ensure that we take a holistic approach to upgrade your knowledge by leaps & bound.


Adopts an innovative method of a teaching, which is based on community & social based learning
It helps to prepare a compassionate and value based social creatures.
On the completion of a course, students can build a ravishing career in social science & other related interdisciplinary approach.
To create a systematic study of interdisciplinary behavior based on research & findings.
One of the key features of pursuing your social studies is that it helps to make you aware about the socially responsible things.
It makes a real difference between by creating the ample of opportunities in the social science stream.
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Career Prospects

To keep a track on the several changes that is exposed to several facts of the society.
A judicial blend of enhancement of the knowledge practising a live training on several fields visit conducted by the university.
On or during the completion of the course, it makes you a person much more of ethical value.
Can choose a remarkable career in the field of social services.

Programs Offered

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