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Sandip University’s School of Engineering and Technology is one of the best engineering colleges in Nashik and Sijoul. School of Engineering and Technology offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for engineering aspirants in fields like electrical, aerospace, civil, mechanical, environmental engineering, town & country planning, and many more. Sandip University aims at helping students become employable through a well-crafted curriculum.

Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world. Since the advent of time there has been a need for innovative thinkers who can provide scientific solutions for complex problems. Sandip University understands the sanctity of the engineering profession and so has risen up the ranks to become one of the top engineering colleges in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Sandip University has developed a thriving infrastructure for students pursuing engineering to ensure that they are trained by the best in the field.The goal is to provide students with industry-oriented training that will go a long way in enhancing career prospects.Students at Sandip University are trained in well-structured classrooms and fully equipped labs for a skill-oriented education.

As one of the top colleges in Nashik for engineering, Sandip University has introduced Value Addition and Global Certification Programs. These programs are available to students at no additional cost, and go a long way in helping them enhance their skills in the field. Students receive training to improve soft skills such as communication skills, language skills, leadership skills, etc. to help them assimilate within the work structure of leading global brands.

To keep up with the ever changing demands of the engineering industry, Sandip University offers students an industry-compliant curriculum and 100% placement assistance to all students through a massive annual recruitment drive. Sandip University’s placement cell also trains students through mock interview sessions and resume-writing sessions to help them receive job offers from leading global brands.

Prof. Anil S. Maheshwari

Dr. Anil S. Maheshwari
Associate Dean - Engineering
School of Engineering & Technology, Sandip University.

Welcome to Sandip University School of Engineering and Technology! As you scan the website, you will find that we are truly a vibrant community where aspirant students prepare themselves to be responsible leaders and lifelong learners through a rigorous engineering education in a liberal environment, mentored by a world-class faculty dedicated to the education of next generation leaders and the creation of knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

In line with the establishing essence of the University, the School of Engineering and Technology has adopted a basic policy of "contributing to society through engineering, an area of education that pursues to make life more happy and affluent." To make it happen we use OBE pattern (Outcome Based Education) in our School. An OBE curriculum means starting with a clear picture of what is significant for students to be able to do, then forming the curriculum, instruction and assessment to make sure this learning eventually happens.

The School of Engineering and Technology offers under graduate and post graduate and doctoral programs in Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. School also offers undergraduate program in Aerospace Engineering and Fire Technology and Safety Engineering. All these program place importance on problem based learning and experiential learning based on engineering concepts and technologies by offering unique education and research opportunities across various fields to produce engineers with global competence.

We also offer Major-minor curriculum to acquire diverse knowledge. The Major-minor Curriculum empowers students not only to study the course in which they specialize in their own divisions as their major, but also to study minor courses in other divisions. This equips students with a broad knowledge base and flexible thinking ability, providing multiple viewpoints to their observation and analytical skills and preparing them to adapt new challenges in the ever-evolving field of advanced engineering.

Our first batch of engineering (undergraduates) will pass out in June 2020. However, because of strong repo with industry, established during our compulsory internship activity at the end of every year, has helped us in placing our students before they have passed out.

Whether you are a prospective student, or faculty or staff member, I welcome you to our lush green Sandip University campus to explore your place in our community of scholars.

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