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India’s policy-making bodies and science academies express that the country needs to produce young scientists in sufficient quality and numbers as well. Something that is only possible when schools come up with science curriculums less burdened with theories and more organically linked to students’ experiences with opportunities to do things “hands-on”. Science studies and degrees in India must emerge as something alive, fallible and therefore exciting.

Sandip University is one of the best science degree colleges in India one should meet the broader aims of science education and encourage potential students to be eager to study science. We also provide distinctive learning and research opportunities - both inside and outside the classroom. The dynamic, personalised education system of Sandip University includes hands-on learning in the laboratory, close interaction with faculty and staff, and internship opportunities. All these make Sandip University one of the top science colleges in Maharashtra.

Sandip University School of Sciences Science College at Nashik brings innovative pedagogy with a course structure balanced between theoretical knowledge and its real-life application with ample practical subjects distributed throughout the syllabus. Students can pursue postgraduate courses after graduating in the relevant field. There are plenty of career options. You can choose a career in medicine, microbiology, meteorology, forestry, agricultural science, research, computers just to name a few.

Career Prospects:

Postgraduate courses can be pursued, after graduating in the relevant field. There are plenty of career options. You can choose a career in medicine, microbiology, meteorology, forestry, agricultural science, research, computers just to name a few.

  • World famous organizations like NASA and others are always in search of competent scientists.
  • Various government and private organizations hire science scholars.
  • Research options are also available with government bodies and private institutes.
  • Science scholars can opt for teaching after completing post graduation or Ph.D.
Dr. Sachin M. Munde

Dr. Sachin M. Munde
Asso. Prof. & Associate Dean

It gives me immense pleasure to lead School of Science under the flagship of Sandip University. School of Science aims to provide a strong foundation for Science students, is one of the vital parts of the university. School of Science is having five departments: Department of Chemistry, Department of Microbiology, Department of Physics, Department ofLife Science and the Department of Mathematics. All the Departments are well equipped laboratories along with research facilities. These laboratories empower faculty and students to employ basic principles, create innovative solutions which are then handed off to applied disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important problems.Ourall departments are unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities.

All our departments takes on the responsibility of watching over the students the entire period of their study making sure they have created a suitable atmosphere in which their talent can be nourished and their creativity is encouraged through their participation in various activities.

The primary focus of our departments are to impart the foundations for Science as well as to develop the students as responsible citizens and promote their problem solving skills, thinking ability in different dimensions and innovation of new technologies by following the best practices like OBE and PBL.

Our all departmentscater to the all-round development and academic needs of students by providing guidance and psychological counseling sessions, language testing services. Apart from this, lectures and seminars are conducted on personality development, stress management, study skills and competitive examinations for students as well as faculty.

All our departments also help preparing students to take on leadership roles in the society. Our departments have a distinguished record in both teaching and research.

The department believes in contributing to the image of Sandip University with hard work and sincerity.

Dr. Sachin M. Munde
Asso. Prof. & Associate Dean
School Of Science
Sandip University, Nashik (MS) India
Mobile: 9545451268


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